So here it is! My blog. My husband would probably inject a  “Finally” to this conversation. He, most of all, knows how I’ve tossed the idea of getting back into blogging again. I’ve only blogged [& vlogged] once before– during my time working in Italy. I was there for the summer parterning with an NGO that provides rehabilitation services for trafficking victim. [You can read about my experience here]. I absolutely loved the process. It was a neat way of bringing my loved ones with me on the trip. I’ve written, though, since I was young. I remember typing pages upon pages of stories I created in my head. Nonetheless, I’d been feeling the writing bug again, and decided to start with blogging again first.

Now those closest to me know how cerebral I can be. Starting a blog is not just starting a blog. It brought up so many questions of what I hope to convey on here, what’s my purpose in starting one, what the crap would I talk about? All this led to a self-dialogue of what do I have to offer? What can I put my voice to that matters? I’m into a lot—I’m a new physician, starting my residency this summer. I’m a go hard advocate for several global health issues. I sing and love to act, plus did I mention I love writing and designing as well. Sigh. In my frustration, I found the answer. All of this makes up who I am—are all pieces that God has uniquely put in me. So when putting my foot out there, its not just medicine that I’m interested in conversing about. Its all of what I mentioned before…I’m def more than just your typical doc. (Hence the name of the blog:-)) I’m reminded of a convo I had with a cousin of mine about the verse Phillipians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She was telling me we often focus on the end of the end [as we should of course] but forget about the word “all” in the verse. There’s a lot God’s wired us to do and that’s ok! Through Him we can do it, so long as we’re making Him the pilot of this journey.

So heres to it! I’m starting this journey and want you all to come along for the ride. The next few years are gonna be interesting… new job, new mom, new city. Lets go!

Go be fabulous somewhere!

Oluchi aka DivaDoc