So before I gave birth, I used to always hear  excited new parents say “I just never knew I could LOVE someone this much.” They would say it with such awe, that I’d linger on their every word, wondering about this all encompassing deep love that they were suddenly filled with after delivery. When I gave birth to my son, I can truly say that I love him so much, I think I could burst into a million little pieces with the enormity of it.  But the difference I feel from what other parents before have said, is that I knew I could love someone this much before.  It has tracings of the way I love my dad when I hear him praying for me, or the way love oozes out of me for my husband when he’s lieing his head on my lap, or the way I love my mom as if I’m the one who birthed her, or the way I love my brother when he texts to say wassup, or the way I love my sisters as if I’m their mother. You see I KNEW I could love my son this much because I have loved this hard before, and been loved in the same way. I just didnt know it could be so sudden, so in my face…a beautiful love tornado.

Mommy & Chiedozie time:)

I feel like with family its gradual–you know you love them and would do anything for them…. but lets be real…you have your phases with them. “Yea I love her but she getting on my nerves right now!” lol…you know you’ve said it…at least once. But as you get older the annoying phases dwindle and you’re left with that Olivia Newton-John “I Honestly Love You” type of love. With my munchkin, I could have sang that off the bat. Even when he’s wailing his head off at 3am. I love you little munchkin. I really truly honestly do.


Go love fabulously,

Oluchi aka DivaDoc