Sooo I’ve been geeked all week…stressed, but geeked thinking about the talk I gave today!  Sometime in January or February (any time after my delivery blurs into one big mass of time), I submitted a proposal to speak at the 2013 National Conference of the Ethiopian Community Development Council, and it was accepted.  It was a great experience! So the day started early, namely to avoid any chance of being late, but I was still pushing it at the end. Hubby and I awoke early to feed the baby, change his clothes, & make all bottles. With all that frenzy, I completely sweat out my curls…smh. Anyhoo, I made it on time to set up before anyone arrived. So I spoke on “Gaps in Women’s Healthcare in Patient Populations.”  Though titled as such, I geared my talk to all aspects of healthcare, including primary care & mental health. I wanted to speak on this this topic because it was something I saw readily in my medical training–a foreign born patient on their first visit to the clinic would be totally isolated, unsure of what to do or how to be heard. The audience was namely nonprofit workers and staff from refugee assistance organizations. – i.e. Lutheran Services, IRC, etc. We had great discussion! It was neat to hear their own struggles with advocating for their clients health, and being able to speak into it.  I was also really excited that so many in the session had questions about mental health and  the stigma around it and how to change it. That honestly was such a confirming moment…Made me excited to start my psychiatry residency. I could have laughed…To think God placed me in this psychiatry  field, and since then I’ve been asked so many questions about depression, addiction, and now stigma faced in the immigrant population. Excited for whats to come! Definitely ready to ramp up my speaking game! #leggo

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Now check out pics below from the event!

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Oluchi aka DivaDoc


I used Prezi to make this…and I loved it! I think I’m hooked!


Anyone who knows me, knew this would happen….I blame the mirror for being there:)


Def had to give info on Ruby Project! These were all gone after the session.

They had tons of awesome questions!

They had tons of awesome questions!

That look you have the moment before the first people enter your talk and you're wondering if anyone will really

That look you have the moment before the first people enter your talk and you’re wondering if anyone will really come…yikes….lol

Just finished my talk! It went great:)

Just finished my talk! It went great:)