Blogging with a baby is crazy. Shoot, doing anything with a baby is crazy. Many times during the day I’m faced with the decisions: Do I blog right now while he’s sleeping or try to eat? Do I shower while he’s quietly playing or knock out paperwork for residency? [and don’t even mention house things like cooking, laundry, or cleaning]. And here it is again: almost midnight and I’m like, “Do I try to blog a little or just sleep before the munchkin wakes up for a feed?” Both of them almost didn’t win tonight when he started to cry a little in his sleep (my heart always MELTS when he does that!), but he whimpered himself back to dreamland, and some blogging time won.

Its definitely been a challenge being a new mother, who’s preparing for residency and moving her family across several states, plus running a nonprofit, while still trying to be social and plugged in with friends & family, and work off those last few baby pounds, PLUS making time for new business ventures…it can definitely be a lot. In any pocket of free time I get, I’m constantly shuffling my brain power between the things I have to do & want to do, often leading to what a girlfriend and & I call “dream migraines.”

Dream Migraines: “dreem  my-grain.” noun. “Uncomfortable headache sensation that occurs when trying to balance which dream or duty you can tackle in the next 5 minutes [insert your personal situation here…i.e before baby awakes and wants to be fed]

When these come I usually just go with my gut on what I should focus on during the time…and keep it moving. That’s the thing about being a mother & physician with all of these big dreams and aspirations I have. I’ve learned to move quick. Act fast. I realize that now more than ever my time is limited & precious, [for a very good reason of course]. And I embrace it. I don’t have time to spend like when I was pre-baby, pre-husband. So when those dream migraines come, I just pick one dream or duty to focus on, pop a Tylenol, and keep it moving. Andddddd the baby’s awake—off to feed:-)


Dream, act, and be fabulous somewhere!

Oluchi aka DivaDoc