Ahhhh!!!! Today was residency orientation…and I’m overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way…but also overwhelmed with all the paperwork, & information we received. I called this week the Week of Folders & Almost Ugly Cries, because each day we got brand new slick Morehouse folders with more and more paperwork & each day I just wanted to cry with gratefulness about being where I am today.. Lol. Its crazy because a lot of it are things we’ve been oriented on as medical students but this time it actually MATTERS because were doctors! The week started off with presentations from HR…lots of information on benefits (i.e. insurance, flex spending accts, 401K, payroll, all grown up folk stuff, all stuff I never honestly paid attention to until now honestly ) It wasn’t the most exciting of information but all stuff we needed to know. I was grateful for the info, and it showed me that this residency process was going to be a growing process not just career-wise but personally speaking. That day we also received our official LONG white coats! For those of my non-medical readers, students get short white coats, while doctors get long white coats. This was a BIG deal! When I put on my coat I was near tears…(I blame it on the lingering pregnancy hormones ) To think, all of the work in medical school leads to this. It was funny because it was a hot sunny day and not one of the residents I saw took off their coats when they went outside. We were all happy to finally have this moment…even if it meant being a little sweaty in the time being. The day ended off with what I know how to do best: PHOTOSHOOTS! Lol Who would’ve thought? We capped the day taking our official resident photos…the ones that go on your dept’s website and that get psyched in the hospital so other depts know who you are. Aghh! I’ve looked at those photo sheets so long, now it was my turn to take one. I had to make sure I added my own pop of color, of course. (Aghh, excuse the watermark in the background! I got screenshot happy:)

MSM Headshot

Day Two brought more folders and fun stuff! We received our pagers! Now I just have to learn how to use it…  The day was spent focusing on departmental info…tips for the various hospitals we’ll be at, how to act on the floor, call schedules, and duty hours. I definitely need to start studying again…Turns out I’m on call just 3 days after we start…great.  We ended the day attending a symposium at the main hospital about the culture of poverty and how this affects our patients. I loved this talk! It was lead by Dr. Toni Love Johnson from MetroHealth Hospital in Ohio. We talked about the limitations to healthy living our patients my face and how we as physicians need to be well versed in issues like SNAP/TANF (food stamps/child care assistance), welfare, low income resources. I love anything that reminds us to consider the whole picture of our patients and not just their illness. Day 3 was focused on more orientation things, GME policies, public safety, etc. We had another amazing talk by another GREAT physician. Her name is Dr. Kimberly Manning and she blogs under gradydoctor.com. And of course, the day ended off with a selfie:)

Shameless Selfie

Big things are to come:)

Go be fabulous somewhere,

Oluchi aka DivaDoc