Can I have a shape-up?”

Those are words I never thought I’d ever say in my life.

But, here I was in my sing-songy chirpy voice asking this very thing to the  owners of a barber shop. [I didn’t even really know what that meant until my husband explained.]

Truth 1: Sometimes you have to go where you’ve never been before to achieve great things.

Let me be real. My hair cut is a great thing. And to maintain this great thing, that meant my butt was going to have to be in the barbers chair. I’m joking…partly… my hair cut is great though. But honestly, we make a lot of lofty but very acheivable goals not fully realizing that it means we have to do things we haven’t done before What is it you’ve set out to do this year? Now really think if you’re really doing all you can do to reach that goal? Do you need to move to a new city? Or change jobs? Go talk to colleague who’s well connected? Do it. Greatness is just on the other side.

Truth 2. Be your transparent self.

On the journey to success, the only way through, is being yourself and being transparent. As I sat in the barber’s chair, the barber began peppering me with questions? “So do u want a shapeup? You want to fade this? What size clippers did you use before?”


Um…come again.

Instead of trying to make up answers to what I thought he meant, I just came right out and said  “Sir, all I know is I want some hair off my head…. soooo help a sister out.” We both ended up laughing and actually led to us having a great conversation about hair and family. As we’re pursuing great things, you have GOT to be open about what you do and don’t know. There are times when the term “fake it till you make it applies.” But not here. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to show you don’t know something. Sometimes when you do, it leads to great conversations and discussions and new things learned you hadn’t known before. I walked away knowing now that to achieve my low cut I need #2 clippers wide open with the grain. I’ll explain that in Lesson 3.

Truth 3. To take more off you have to go against the grain.

So I mentioned that my cut requires the clippers going with the grain…This means less hair is taken off with the cut. But the barber explained that if you want to take off more hair, you have to go against the grain.  Going against the grain [of the hair] meant bigger cuts and bigger changes.

To me this spoke volumes.

You have to go against the flow to make bigger moves. It may seem uncomfortable and you’ll stand out…but you do it. It’s kind of like salmon…(roll with me here)…for them, going going against the flow and swimming upstream is literally about survival and ensuring the next generation.  In the same way, for the survival of your success, you literally have to go against the tide.

So folks, what do you need to go against the grain for this year? Out with status quo—To see big changes, you have to be willing to do something different and stand out among the rest.

Truth 4. Take someone along for the ride.

I refused to get a shapeup unless I could take a man with me, and that was my hubby. I wanted someone’s eyes and ears that I trusted to be there to help me out or keep an eye on my head in case these barbers got clipper happy. Hubby sat there quiet, not being too imposing, but ever so reassuring during the process. On the road to success, you will NEED people with you. Some to be cheerleaders…some to be that strong reassure when you’re doubting. So, who are  you carrying with you on your journey?

At the end of the day, a 30 min visit to the barber, led to some cool lessons and a fabulous “shape up” to my cool do. Well worth the $7 in my opinion.


Live fabulously,

Oluchi aka DivaDoc