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Layered Statement Necklace


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE statement necklaces! Nothing spruces up an outfit more than yummy neck ware!

Layered Statement Necklace

A good statement necklace should be rich in color, material, and texture.  The piece I’m wearing has varying materials that give it great shine and movement. The look above is actually THREE necklaces that I assembled together to create a STATEMENT look. [The 1st layer is the floral piece, the 2nd piece is a smaller crystal chain, and the 3rd piece is the heavier aquamarine piece.]


Layered Statement Necklace


Here, I’ve taken off the 1st layer floral necklace, and now only have the remaining two pieces. On their own, these could work to make a total separate look, as well.


Layered Statement Necklace


Here, I’ve removed the 2nd smaller crystal chain and now just wearing the bottom layer necklace.

Layered Statement NecklaceI love being able to have 3 looks in 1! Looking for a statement look, but can’t find it? Try layering several necklaces together to achieve the look you want!

Now go be fabulous somewhere!

–Oluchi aka DivaDoc


5 Responses to Layered Statement Necklace

  1. Sierra Lee

    Love this necklace. I’ve always wanted a huge statement necklace but could never find the ones that are to my liking. They are always a piece that starts a conversation. I love how you put yours together. Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing that idea.


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