When the New Year started, Okey and I knew this year had to be different. We set several goals, one of which was to travel with our kids as often as we could. In just 4 months, we were able to start that life goal by traveling to Rome with our munchkin.

Its been absolutely amazing.

Hubby & I didn’t overly think about the practicality of traveling with him on the long flight or if his sleep would be thrown off due to the time change…we just wanted to go…so we did.

Four days into our trip, we don’t regret it. It’s been crazy cool to see him play in Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps,  do his toddler waddle on cobblestone steps or lick gelato from a cone. [For those that are curious, yes his sleep was backward & he’s slept through some parts of the day, but he’s adjusting and were taking it in stride.] We know at his age, he won’t remember the details of our travels to Rome, but we hope that  as parents this sets the precedent for incorporating travel as a big part of our kids lives & it’s our hope that when’s he’s older he knows that the WHOLE world is of access to him…& not just the US. We’ve only a few days left in Rome, but we’re excited to create more memories until we leave & for a lifetime!

Enjoy these pics from Day 3 of our Italian vacation, plus some video!

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