Welcome to DivaDoc Speaks online!

This blog has been both a leap of faith and a labour of love—I’m excited that YOU get to be a part of it!

My name is Dr. Leslie Oluchi Nwoke and I’m many things—wife, new mom, resident psychiatrist, and global activist. I believe in speaking my truth about many things—from emotional burdens no one wants to talk about, to the realities of balancing a busy career, to the gross realities of traumas facing women around the world.

I’m in a pretty awesome season of life…so in love with my husband and munchkin, grateful to be rocking out in psychiatry residency, and immensely blessed with awesome friendships…..God makes me feel like a diva! My goal in doing this blog is that YOU would also celebrate the good things of life and learn to speak YOUR truths. Great things are ahead my friend. Let’s make it count! Muah! 

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